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Hip-Hop Nutcracker

Saturday, December 16 at 7 p.m. / Sunday, December 17 at 2 p.m.

Choreography: Stuck Sanders and Alee Martinez

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky with added original beats and rhythms

Scenario: Stuck Sanders



This production of Hip-Hop Nutcracker is our own special version of a beautiful holiday tradition. We have reimagined and modernized the traditional ballet with a hip-hop flair in the hope of creating a new tradition to be enjoyed by all ages. The story begins with Drosselmeyer, a toy maker, in his workshop creating Christmas presents using his magic to bring the toys to life. He then visits his favorite goddaughter at her family’s holiday party and presents her with an enchanted nutcracker. This gift sweeps Clara into a magical hip hop adventure through different realms of her imagination including the Snow Kingdom and the Land of the Sweets.


Drosselmeyer: Stuck Sanders

Clara: Robyyne Blackmond

The Nutcracker: Ninja Sutton

Wind up Doll 1: Dopey Fresh

Wind up Doll 2: Skeeter

Columbine Doll: T Dot

Toy Soldier: Chonkie

Fritz: Milo


Tribe Crew

Vincent Hwang, Ale Martinez, Bryan Chu, Vera Phan, Prisha Lakhara, Alan Lu, Christine Wey, Vi Vu, Alexis Hendrix, Carly, Dilraj Chhabra, Kai, Kanon Tabuchi, Jaksh Rai, Kylie Penas, Mansaheb Chhabra, Leah, Karina Amaranth, YiYi LIU

Kids at the party:

Poisen Brigade

The Mouse King: Black Flip

The Mice: YiYi LIU, Alexis Hendrix, Mansaheb, Chhabra, Jaksh Rai, Dil Chhabra, Karina Amaranth, Carly, Scorpion, Krow

The Toy Soldiers: Vincent Hwang, Bryan Chu, Vera Phan, Prisha Lakhara, Alan Lu, Christine Wey, Kanon Tabuchi, Nasty Ray, Gid Nasty

The Snow King: Jesse Sykes

The Snow Queen: Alee Martinez

The Snow Flakes: Poisen Brigade

Reindeer 1: Rhea Mallari

Reindeer 2: Vi Vu

Spanish Chocolate: Vincent Hwang

Arabian Coffee: Krow

Chinese Tea: Bad Bonez

Russian Candy: Nasty Ray

The Shepherdess: Karina Amaranth

The Flowers: Cyber Yoga, Rhea Mallari, Dmonte Young

Cyber Duet: Neosutras, Cyber Yoga, Pola Rubis

The Sugarplum Fairy: Storyboard P


Executive Producing Director and CEO: Christine Leslie 

Chief Financial Officer: Jan Mendez 

Marketing Director: Michael Davis 

Public Relations: Jon Finck 

Webmaster: Maria Nichols 

Facilities Manager: Lance Huntley 

Box Office: Masha Baratoshvilli Amato 

Bookkeeper: Annette Mellado

Peninsula School of the Arts 

School Manager: Léna Alvino 

School Administrator: Shannon Briesach Schueller  

Ballet Faculty: Léna Alvino, Gregory Amato, Masha Baratoshvilli Amato, Melia Kramer, Alyssa-Marie Muña, Verónica Quevedo, Minna Rogers, Chloé Watson

Hip-Hop Faculty: Robbie Rosenmiller, Matthew “Ninja” Sutton

Musical Theater Faculty: Minna Rogers

Tap Faculty: Katelin Foley, Verónica Quevedo


Peninsula Ballet Theatre

Artistic Director: Gregory Amato

Ballet Mistress: Nina Amato 

Company Manager: Chloé Watson 


Peninsula Hip-Hop Productions

Artistic Director: Stuck Sanders


Peninsula Broadway Theater

Artistic Director: Gary Stanford, Jr.


Technical Director: Dave LeBlanc

Stage Manager: Danielle Combs

Lighting Designer & Light Board Operator: Max Pereira 

Audio Operator: Richard Healy

Backstage Manager: Kay Tetzner

House Manager: Jeff Stoll, Tinka Blackmond

Wardrobe: Nina Amato, Nina Baratoff, Christine Leslie, Yuki Suzuki

Prop Master: Rich Schwerin

Deck: Jorgé Narez-Rodriquez, Ruben Narez-Rodriquez, D’Andre Hernandez, Brian Yang, Ellesandro

Volunteer Coordinators: Jenny Peralta, Michelle Sweany

Boutique Coordinators: Yuki Horiguchi, Leslie Kramer

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