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Friday, December 15 at 7 p.m. / Saturday, December 16 at 2 p.m.

Choreography: Gregory Amato, after Marius Petipa

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Scenario: Gregory Amato, based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s original story




It’s Christmas Eve, and Fräuline Drosselmeyer works frantically in her workshop putting finishing touches on this year’s gifts for the family gathering. 


At the Stahlbaum home, Clara, Fritz, Louis, and their parents welcome guests to their annual Christmas party. Drosselmeyer and her niece arrive with gifts for the children, and a wooden Nutcracker for Clara. The party is filled with joyful dancing, and the magic that Drosselmeyer brings. Before Clara and Fritz head off to bed, Drosselmeyer re-emerges with one final gift: an enchanted book she has lovingly created just for them.


As the children read through the night, the stories in the book come to life. Before their eyes, a horde of giant mice scurry from the shadows. Suddenly, the Nutcracker and his battalion appear, now magically grown to life-size to defend the household. The Rat Queen emerges and challenges the Nutcracker to a duel. The clashing of their swords escalates to an ominous crescendo. Once the battle has ended, the Snow King and Queen appear and summon a storm of dancing snowflakes to whisk the children away to the magical Land of the Sweets.



Once the children arrive, they are welcomed by a cast of wondrous characters, including the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier. The Sweets dance for the children in celebration of the arrival of their new friends. As Clara, Fritz, and Louis reach the end of the story, they close the book fondly as Drosselmeyer dreams of magical chapters for holidays to come.


Clara: Hannah Jiang, Alice Lynagh◊

Fritz: Olivia Caulfield◊, Audrey Stoll

Louis: Maria Fanourgiakis◊, Tianna Singh

Herr & Frau Stahlbaum: Evan Johnston & Chloé Watson

Fräulein Drosselmeyer: Minna Rogers

Drosselmeyer’s Niece: Maya Rogers

Party Guests: Léna Alvino, Jenna Brandt, Sasha Lane, James Santiago, Arjun Sheth, Grace Thompson, Phoenix Wilkins

Party Children: Maya Chen, Sienna Geheran, Lorin Ozulku, Luci Singh, Ruby Skulpone, Keira Sweany, Emmalyn Toda, Yuri Yoneyama, Naomi Zhao

Dowager: Keiko Schmid

Maid: Valentina Bonaldi

Ballerina Doll: Hollie Rudolph

Harlequin Doll: Alyssa-Marie Muña

Mice: Heather Hu◊, Aliyah Lim◊, Caitlyn Liu, Maiqi Luo◊, Elise Maestas◊, Mia Meisenheimer, Sinjini Mitra◊, Mei Narushima, Lorin Ozulku, Aanya Satpathy◊, Chloe Schultze, Aria Sullivan, Givi Sullivan, Claire Tian, Emmalyn Toda, Everett Wolfe, Adeline Yeh, Naomi Zhao, Hannah Zhou◊

Transition Dolls: Mia Curtis, Chloe Schwerin, Luci Singh, Samantha Wolff

Lead Soldier: Diamond Zhou

Soldiers: Sasha Arbo, Sophie Chang-Blake, Kelly Chung, Alexa Geheran, Sienna Geheran, Kimi Makins, Zeynep Patton, Maya Rogers, Anniyah Singh, Tabitha Smith, Keira Sweany, Winnifred Wolfe, Weini Xing, Leah Yang, Yuri Yoneyama

Nutcracker: Phoenix Wilkins

Rat Queen: Kelley Hashemi

Snow Queen: Naomi Sailors

Snow King: Evan Johnston

Snowflakes: Léna Alvino, Jenna Brandt, Melia Kramer, Sasha Lane, Alyssa-Marie Muña, Hollie Rudolph, Grace Thompson, Chloé Watson

Snowman: Mia Meisenheimer◊, Naomi Zhao

Sugar Plum Fairy: Kelley Hashemi

Cavalier: Juan Carlos Magacho

Sugar Plum Attendant: Diamond Zhou

Rose: Alyssa-Marie Muña

Cherubs: Aliyah Lim◊, Caitlyn Liu, Maiqi Luo◊, Elise Maestas◊, Aanya Satpathy◊, Aria Sullivan, Givi Sullivan, Claire Tian, Emmalyn Toda, Hannah Zhou◊

Angels: Sophie Chang-Blake, Maya Chen, Kelly Chung◊, Sienna Geheran◊, Maya Rogers◊, Anniyah Singh, Ruby Skulpone, Tabitha Smith◊, Keira Sweany◊, Winnifred Wolfe, Weini Xing, Leah Yang◊

Flower Fairies: Valentina Bonaldi, Mia Curtis, Chloe Lau, Chloe Schwerin, Luci Singh, Samantha Wolff, Yuri Yoneyama

Chocolate: Sasha Lane, Hollie Rudolph, Grace Thompson

Coffee: Léna Alvino, Evan Johnston

Tea: Jenna Brandt, Chloe Lau, Melia Kramer

Marzipan: Naomi Sailors, Chloé Watson

Trepak: Phoenix Wilkins with Olivia Caulfield, Luci Singh◊, Alice Lynagh, Audrey Stoll◊

Mother Ginger: Masha Baratoshvilli Amato

Chefs: Sasha Arbo, Alexa Geheran◊, Kimi Makins◊, Zeynep Patton

Bonbons: Heather Hu◊, Mia Meisenheimer◊, Sinjini Mitra◊, Mei Narushima, Lorin Ozulku, Chloe Schultze◊, Everett Wolfe, Adeline Yeh, Naomi Zhao

Flowers: Léna Alvino, Jenna Brandt, Melia Kramer, Sasha Lane, Hollie Rudolph, Naomi Sailors, Grace Thompson, Chloé Watson

Casting notes:

December 15th performance only

December 16th performance only


Grace Thompson appears courtesy of Diablo Ballet.


Executive Producing Director and CEO: Christine Leslie 

Chief Financial Officer: Jan Mendez 

Marketing Director: Michael Davis 

Public Relations: Jon Finck 

Webmaster: Maria Nichols 

Facilities Manager: Lance Huntley 

Box Office: Masha Baratoshvilli Amato 

Bookkeeper: Annette Mellado

Peninsula School of the Arts 

School Manager: Léna Alvino 

School Administrator: Shannon Briesach Schueller  

Ballet Faculty: Léna Alvino, Gregory Amato, Masha Baratoshvilli Amato, Melia Kramer, Alyssa-Marie Muña, Verónica Quevedo, Minna Rogers, Chloé Watson

Hip-Hop Faculty: Robbie Rosenmiller, Matthew “Ninja” Sutton

Musical Theater Faculty: Minna Rogers

Tap Faculty: Katelin Foley, Verónica Quevedo


Peninsula Ballet Theatre

Artistic Director: Gregory Amato

Ballet Mistress: Nina Amato 

Company Manager: Chloé Watson 


Peninsula Hip-Hop Productions

Artistic Director: Stuck Sanders


Peninsula Broadway Theater

Artistic Director: Gary Stanford, Jr.


Technical Director: Dave LeBlanc

Stage Manager: Danielle Combs

Lighting Designer & Light Board Operator: Max Pereira 

Audio Operator: Richard Healy

Backstage Manager: Kay Tetzner

House Manager: Jeff Stoll, Tinka Blackmond

Wardrobe: Nina Amato, Nina Baratoff, Christine Leslie, Yuki Suzuki

Prop Master: Rich Schwerin

Deck: Jorgé Narez-Rodriquez, Ruben Narez-Rodriquez, D’Andre Hernandez, Brian Yang, Ellesandro

Volunteer Coordinators: Jenny Peralta, Michelle Sweany

Boutique Coordinators: Yuki Horiguchi, Leslie Kramer

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