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James Santiago dance portrait

James Santiago

Born in the Philippines, then raised in Hawai’i, James Santiago is a Bay Area based artist. He earned his Associate’s Degree in Theatre Arts from Ohlone College (2018) and his Bachelor's of the Arts in Dance from San Jose State University (2021). His roots in dance are jazz and musical theatre. Through his studies he has worked with the Joffrey Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, AIM, Doug Varrone, GALLIM, and Mike Esperanza. Professionally, James has worked with the Hallmark Channel, Opera San Jose, Westedge Opera, Cedar Parks, California’s Great America, Perspectives Dance, eMotion Arts, and Peninsula Ballet Theatre. When he is not dancing, James works as a Flexologist at StrechLab coaching flexibility and recovery stretching as well as performing soft tissue and deep tissue manipulation.

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